Plastic Surgery

What is the most pressing concern for those individuals you want as your plastic surgery patients?

Your reputation as a plastic surgeon is at the top of their list. Your cosmetic surgery reputation is built on achieving consistent, aesthetically pleasing plastic surgery results. Those results reflect your artistry, training, and dedication to helping your patients’ achieve their vision of themselves. You have incorporated minimally invasive techniques and work diligently to reduce post operative bruising and swelling because your reputation is enhanced when your patient’s healing time is reduced.

For your patients, the most unsettling phase of their facial plastic surgery experience is not the surgery itself, but their physical appearance during the first two weeks after surgery. Doctors with a reputation for exceptional recovery time are in a singular position among their peers.

Reducing Recovery Time from Plastic Surgery
Mobilizing your patient’s lymphatic system through Manual Lymphatic Drainage (LMD) prior to surgery and during the early postoperative period provides significant reduction in swelling within the first few days of surgery. In addition, it provides the benefits of increased lymph circulation in the tissues, which include faster healing, reduced scaring, increased immune system response, and it prevents adhesions.

Patients are thrilled with the rapid results and your skill is enhanced. I’ve been complementing mainstream medicine for over 30 years. Find out how I can help you enhance your reputation for exceptional recovery time, and help your patients by mobilizing their lymphatic systems before and after surgery.
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